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Professor Graham Moore


Doctor Rhiannon Evans


The ADAPT study was conducted in collaboration between DECIPHer (co-investigators: Dr Hannah Littlecott, Dr Jeremy Segrott and Prof Simon Murphy), Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich (co-investigators Prof Eva Rehfuess and Dr Lisa Pfadenhauer), the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit in University of Glasgow (co-investigators: Dr Peter Craig and Prof Laurence Moore), University of Sheffield (co-investigator: Prof Alicia O’Cathain) and University of Stirling (co-investigator: Prof Pat Hoddinott). 

Dr Ani Movsisyan and Dr Laura Arnold were appointed to the systematic review work package in LMU Munich, and Dr Lauren Copeland was appointed to the qualitative interview work package in Cardiff University. Dr Mhairi Campbell was appointed to the DELPHI work in University of Glasgow. Britt Hallingberg and Danielle Couturiaux contributed to one of the work packages and supported the guidance.

Our study advisory group included Prof Frank Kee (Queens University, Belfast), Dr Julie Bishop (Public Health Wales), Dr Andrew Booth (University of Sheffield), Prof Frances Gardner (University of Oxford) and Prof Penny Hawe (University of Sydney).